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Established in 1977, Skylift started out as a small entrepreneur venture, providing mainly airfreight consolidation services. Riding the waves of the economic growth during the seventies and eighties, Skylift was able to achieve considerable success and thereby leaving our footprint in this highly competitive industry.

Over the years, changes in the demographics of exporters and importers, signaled a necessary change in the scope of services provided. To reach out to the endless array of opportunities presented in this industry, Skylift decided to extend beyond providing airfreight consolidation.

The milestones in which Skylift had achieved over the years can be summarized through the below timeline:

Skylift’s ocean freight department was established, as we started reaching out to direct customers. This enabled us to offer a full spectrum of freight forwarding services, and simultaneously gained our reputation as one of the long established & highly reliable local freight forwarding firms in Singapore with intensive Global Network.
To distinguish Skylift from other freight forwarders, we decided to focus on establishing our foothold in a niche market, namely the chemical as well as flavour and fragrance industry. To achieve this, we have, to date, a team of highly trained personnel who are equipped with the knowledge and experience of handling all classes of DG components.
Commencement in handling of Bulk Cargoes actively, mainly project in the Satellite, Telecommunication Equipment industry which our Project Logistics Team was then created. Today, we have vast experience in handling Project Cargoes Globally with confident & in timely fashion.
To tap onto the rapid growth of the Oil & Gas (O&G) Industry in Singapore, Skylift partnered with an agent in Australia, who specializes in this industry, and has a network of ready clients in this highly lucrative market. Our experience and ability to handle Out of Gauge (OOG) and odd-sized cargo such as helicopters, made us a suitable choice for handling the massive equipments that comes distinguished with the O&G trade.
Having successfully maintained our professionalism and reputation in the freight forwarding arena, we decided that it is time to look into the rising needs of managing our client’s warehousing needs. Thus, our subsidiary, Skylift Districentre Pte Ltd was set up to provide 3rd Party Logistics services to meet this new demand.
An opportunity to offer 3rd Party Logistics services was presented to Skylift, when one of our major customers decided to transfer their manufacturing plant from Overseas to Singapore as a cost cutting measure. Amidst competition from global forwarders who were invited to bid for this project, Skylift is proud to announce that the project had been awarded to us.