Our 3rd Party Logistics Services

3rd Party Logistics Services

Since 2008, our subsidiary Skylift Districentre Pte Ltd had been established to cater to our client’s rising demand for warehousing and distribution services.

Equipped with 1840 pallet positions, with a ground area of 2500sqm, we embarked on our exciting journey in extending our services to that of 3rd Party Logistics.

In a span of 3 months, we were operating at 70% capacity, a considerable feat, and a testament to our customers’ trust in our service.

Reaching out to our main target audience which is the Flavours & Fragrance (F & F) industry, 70% of the pallet positions are currently being occupied by various F & F customers.

Located in Tuas, we are in close proximity to the ports and container depots, as well as our F & F clients, thus enabling our clients to adopt ‘Just In Time” (JIT) production and delivery. This is further enhanced by our web-based WMS, which gives our clients easy access to real time information of their inventory,.

Having our own warehouse facility also enables us to provide stuffing / unstuffing services, temporary storage, and consolidation services to clients who are in need or are facing space constraints in their premises on a short/long term basis.