Cargo Charter Flight Handling in Myanmar

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On assignment from an Air Charter company, we work together with our affiliated office in Yangon, handled a cargo charter flight B 747 -200 F into Myanmar. The flight route was Shenzhen – Yangon – Wuhan City.

It was wee hours in Yangon 0250 hours on 04th of April 2012, when the flight touched down, and 3 of our staff attended on duty to assist the flight crew and to supervise the unloading of the cargo. Though all unloading facilities were prepared and reserved in advance by GSA Myanmar Airways, there is always emergency call to attend.

Nevertheless, the flight turned around in Yangon after 3 hours for unloading / refueling activities there. It left for the base on 0553 hours Myanmar Standard time.

Though short notice of time is given to follow up aviation landing permit from Department of Transport of Myanmar and arranged everything with the ground handling agent, our staff managed to get everything done on time and in order. The plane carried project telecommunication equipments and accessories.

Due to technical reasons, the flight was delayed for 23 hours for its departure. Even then, everything was well adjusted and in time for the new time window of handling the flight.

It was a success in terms of all job completed in time, but there was a little unexpected situation when the airlines pallets were decided to leave behind with the cargo, due to impossibility of detaching the cargo off the pallets without customs clearance.

The overall handling experience was truly a useful & fruitful learning curve to heighten our confidence level for future cargo flight handling.