4 Party Logistics Services (Inventory Management)

As a cost cutting measure adopted by one of our most valuable client, ASM Front End Manufacturing (FEMS) made a business decision to transfer their overseas manufacturing plant to Singapore. Because of this move, they were in need of a logistics partner who was able provide beyond their shipping needs. i.e to be able to manage the full scope of their supply chain.

Though Skylift is new to inventory management, due to our impeccable reputation for the quality service provided to FEMS throughout the years, we were given the opportunity to participate in this bid, amidst competition from global forwarders.

We are deeply grateful to FEMS for having the confidence in us, by awarding Skylift with this large scale project. We are proud to say that in the last 2 years (since 2010), we have yet again, rose to the challenge and made this project a success.

The success of this project, shows that communication and commitment between us and our clients, will enable us to beat all odds and we look forward to take on new challenges along the way.